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    Calendar of Events 2015/ 2016

    Feb 27th
    Cardiology Teach-in workshop
    March 12th RCPE Symposium Web cast: Respiratory Medicine
    March 15th

    Sing-along cum ‘Peduru Party’

    March 27th RCPE Symposium Webcast: Care for the elderly
    April 5th Avurudu Celebrations
    April 30th RCPE Symposium Webcast: Palliative care
    May 3rd Vesak lantern & Greeting card competitions for KSM families
    May 10th Health Camp at Moragaskanda
    June 5th-6th College of Physicians Regional Meeting
    June 5th RCPE Symposium: Obesity
    June 12th RCPE Symposium: Infectious Diseases
    Visit to elderly home
    July 12th Mini-Medical Exhibition for families
    October 16th KSM Foundation Sessions
    October 30th RCPE Symposium:Updates in Internal General Medicine
    November 8th Law-Medical Encounter
    November 5th RCPE Symposium: FRAILTY
    November 11th RCPE Symposium - CARDIOLOGY
    November 19th RCPE Symposium- GASTROENTEROLOGY
    November SLMDA CME session
    December 23rd Christmas programme
    December Family Concert
    January 9th Photography workshop
    January 12th Workshop on Child Protection
    February 11th -13th KSM Annual Sessions

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    CME Lecture

    Surgical Art and Facial Beauty

    Dr.T Sabesan

    Consultant Maxillo -Facial Surgeon
    TH Kurunegala

    Venue :PMCK AuditoriumTH Kandy

    Date: 16th December ( Wednesday)

    Time: 11.30 am

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